Trudi 1 year after LP

Two years ago I was an expert at ‘duing’ ME. My symptoms were classic; crippling body pain, zero energy and, perhaps the most disabling of all for me as a working journalist, brain-fog. Medical tests had proved inconclusive, so I was being treated for general exhaustion and depression. It was a logical diagnosis based on the fact I had, for the three previous years, nursed my precious Mum through her decline with dementia while managing a demanding business that was going from strength to strength, pulling me along with it. The drug treatment – Prozac – had no positive effect and the condition worsened. I knew this wasn’t simply burnout and I started to suspect ME/CFS. I read everything Google could find on the subject and instinctively felt there was a mind/body missing link. I had always overcome stress in my life with exercise but as that was no longer an option I turned to singing to lift my spirits. And what became clear was my body post singing session was very different to its pre-singing state. Could I lessen my physical pain by changing my mindset?

It was at this time that, thanks to my pal Mr. Google, I stumbled on an interview wth Martine McCutcheon on her comeback after ME and she spoke about the Lightening Process. The more I found on the subject, the more it made sense of what was happening to me. Reading Phil Parker’s book convinced me LP was the way to go and in late November 2015 I did the LP course with the inspirational and delightful Kathy Kent. It gave me the framework to recover and my life changed within days.

ME is now something in my past but LP is now my recipe for life. I use it every day and the more I do, the more powerful it becomes. It’s application has allowed me to change my relationship with work and food and to lose four stones in weight. I’ve also founded a steampunk Morris dancing troupe and signed up for next year’s Dublin Marathon. Life’s good, very good. Most importantly I’m doing these things not because I can but because I want to. I’m making sure that every decision I make is based on whether it contributes to me living the life I love.

So simple, so effective, so life-changing. Thank you Phil and Kathy. Tx