About Me


I have a degree in Education and Sociology, Diploma in Social Work, Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP & Life Coaching and Master NLP. I am an advanced Lightning Process Practitioner and a tutor for Phil Parker Training Institute.

My working background is in Social work. The last post was in Education Social work, in 1998 I had to stop due to cfs/me. Not being able to recover was a shock to me; no one could tell me how I could get well again. I spent nearly 8 years (and loads of money) trying any alternative and conventional treatments and therapies that were available. As nothing had helped at all, I accepted I would live a half-life getting through as best I could, until March 2006 when I had a severe relapse and I was back in bed. I was really at a low point in my life having to face being so ill again. I had heard of the Lightning Process training on Radio 2 I was skeptical and dismissed it. Then in desperation in April 2006 I decided I would do the Lightning Process training course. It was different to anything else I had tried and by putting what I learnt into practice I very soon experienced a dramatic change to the debilitating symptoms I had been experiencing. Being well again was new and very different; I had to relearn what it was like to be a well person again. Being able to plan and think about my future as a well person took a bit of getting used to….I managed 🙂 and now I look forward to each and every day.

Being well and confident that I would stay well, I was able to train to enable others. Since 2007 I have been working with people with a variety of chronic symptoms and conditions from age 10 to 86, so they too can learn how to create and sustain the changes they want in their lives.  I travel to see people who are unable to leave their homes. I know how my life has been transformed by learning the Lightning Process and I am so pleased and grateful that I can assist others to make that transformation in their lives. It is such a privilege for me to be part of other people’s journey. If you think I can help in any way, please feel free to call.

07914 251535


Full DBS check

I am a member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy. Institute_of_Hypnotherapy

I am very pleased to bring the Lightning Process® to East Anglia and to be able to teach people how they too can learn to use the Lightning Process®.