Linda’s update after 5 years of doing LP training

Hi Kathy,

I always said I would keep doing testimonials because my one concern when I was
considering the lightning process was would the lightning process continue to work. And
I want to encourage anyone that is considering the lightning process that it does work. It is not a magic potion you have to work at it but literally on day one I saw changes. Well I can’t believe it but on the1st July it was 5 yrs since I completed the lightning process training with Kathy. And it is still working! My ME is long gone. I have had various health issues these last few years, I’ve had 3 Operations in 3 years and one major one but still I am well and have kept ME at bay. I cannot thank you enough. Also based on my improvements 5 other people have taken the ME training with Kathy and are still feeling the benefits. As well as ME one was suffering from chronic pain for other 13 yrs and one with anxiety and I am proud that I have had an impact on other people though I didn’t actually do anything!

Keep up the good work Kathy.