16 year old Caitlin is back swimming…..

Hi Kathy,
I do apologise for not sending an email in a long…long time because everything is really
busy. Since doing the Lightning process my life has gone back to complete (well almost)
normality. I have been at school everyday since doing the lightning process aprart from having a few stomach bugs. I have been able to complete all my assignments without needing extra time or help. I also completed about 13 mock exams and an actual GCSE exam (well 3 papers)

I have gone back to swimming as my shoulder has gone back to complete normality and
in September I’m going to increase my sessions. Also I was dûing worry over my school
trip to Berlin but in June I went, it was an amazing experience, despite doing 30 miles of
walking on the 4 days I was there! I’ve had a few slip ups in the first month but since
then I have been going great. I have also joined my school choir and I have auditioned
for a few solos and I’m going to audition for my school play soon in October.

Once again I would like thank you for all you have taught, and I’m glad I am doing

Thanks again, Caitlin