The words of Serena and how she is now living her life….

The Lightning Process has transformed my life! And I am amazed at how quickly. Having suffered with M.E. for over ten years whilst raising a child and working, which was nigh on impossible at times, I spoke to another former M.E. sufferer who trained in the lightning process with Kathy and made a complete recovery. This man had been confined to a wheelchair before he undertook LP. Hearing his story gave me great faith in the process and also in Kathy’s ability to train me. From having lived a very limited life as a sick person, I have made a full recovery and gone from strength to strength as a well and happy person. I can say without doubt I am living the life I love. A year on from LP I am moving to a beautiful part of the country, getting married, running 5K and training to become a teacher in Buddhist meditation. I really don’t think things could have gone any better!

Thank you Kathy for being the vital catalyst to a huge personal transformation. I cannot
recommend Kathy and the Lightning Process enough to anyone who is finding their life going in ever decreasing circles. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. You can do it!!