Hello Kathy,

I wanted to let you know about a wonderful drive this week, by far the longest in 14 years!!! Our friend Gill sadly passed away, aged 55, and her husband Steve and I have been great friends and joined the Police together in 1977. It was Gill’s funeral on Wednesday near Harlow and I was determined to go and drive to Harlow 120 miles each way. I placed my Lightning Process Card on the dashboard and off I went, Alison had to work and it was just me. The driving was great,┬áthere and back after I stayed 2 nights with Steve. Everyone is so thrilled and as I passed the Essex sign I punched the air with joy!!!Thank you for your great help. I do hope you are well and no doubt getting some good results…

With love and best wishes from us both,


I asked Steve for is permission to add his words to the testimonials, saying I could change names if he prefers. He replied…

Thank you Kathy, of course I am more than happy to have this added to your website, no need to change the names unless you wish to do so, as it is all true and wonderful….Steve