Catherine age 48

I probably had ME at the age of 16, whilst taking ‘o’ levels training hard with my own personal coach to be a 400 m hurdler. I came down with a mystery virus which left me with extreme tiredness. I accepted ‘it is just the way I am’ having to be in bed by 9pm not being able to do as much in a day as other people, only driving short distances.

Since experiencing the Lightning Process with Kathy I feel different. I am in control. Life still throws up its challenges but I can identify a potential pitfall, use the process and look forward enjoying a positive life which I love to live. I still go to bed early as I realized I like to get up early, the difference being it is my choice. I enjoy what I am doing as I am less anxious and have let go of guilt.

The Lightning Process training has changed my life and I thank Kathy for her sensitive yet firm teaching. She really is a brilliant teacher and I thank her from the bottom of my heart