After an LP refresher session, T writes…

Dear Kathy,

THANK YOU!!!! I am still positively buzzing and sprinkling my fairy dust everywhere!! It was the most incredible session I have ever experienced and thank you so much – you are so great at what you do.

The next day……

Dear Kathy,

I am realising that I learned so much yesterday and today I have been doing the process more than I have ever done: every time I sigh – which is a lot at the moment. I am so thrilled that I am noticing it and I am now focussing on breathing in! (instead of out!) It’s seems so simple!

The realisation that I have been eating while in the stress response is immense and has put me back in touch with how I used to be when I was a normal healthy weight.  I was always a very slow eater and because of that, I ate very small portions compared to what I eat now. Tonight while eating supper I feel I have reconnected with that feeling of what it is like to eat slowly and enjoy it. I also have had such a feeling of relief that I will never have to do another diet!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so profound! I cannot tell you what this means to me!! There’s so much more to say, but I thought you might like this feedback (pun well and truly intended!)

I can’t thank you enough – that is for sure!