Shirley had been suffering with Fibromyalgia for 29 years.

I have been doing very well. On the Wednesday after we spoke I walked for over 3 miles. Thursday was a big day for me. In the morning I walked for an hour and from 11 onwards our three-year-old grandson came for the day. We took him to a big park and I walked for another hour and a half or possibly more. I was absolutely shattered when I got home, but in a good way. Richard took him home at 4.30 and an hour later our grand-daughter (she is eleven) came to spend the evening with us. We had her the whole of the next day. I even took her to ToysRUs to buy some toys. I could never have done that before. There is no way I would have had the energy after the Thursday with the little one to have another one to stay. I would have been resting for three days. On the Saturday I was able to walk for 5 miles. You will be pleased to hear that on the Sunday I walked to Lewisham and a quarter of the way back. I wanted to walk all the way back but was flagging so had to get the bus. I found out the reason for that and it was dietary. Certain things I was eating have been causing breathlessness and causing my chest to tighten. Now that I have cut those products out of my diet I feel a lot stronger when I walk. I am now averaging 5 miles a day. I can’t believe it either.

Now for my momentous news. Sorry to keep you waiting. I “Opened The Outside Door”!! I opened it, walked for an hour, and opened it again. I have to say it is a very heavy door, so hats off to me for pulling it off. I shed a tear because I haven’t been able to open a heavy door like that for 29 years. The possibilities are endless. Richard can go out and do his business and doesn’t have to worry about me. I can come and go as I please. I can get into shops, the doctor’s surgery, dental surgery and the many other places I haven’t been able to get into. The times I have stood outside and asked someone to let me in and been given funny looks… I feel great.

Richard and I are doing so many things together. Just like old times. I doubted myself and whether I could do this, but you showed me I had no need to doubt myself. Your support has been invaluable. Thank you so much.

Take care, lots of love


After five weeks

Just wanted to update you on my progress during the last week. It is now just over five weeks since LP, and I am going from strength to strength. On Saturday I walked for six miles. We walked to London Bridge via Southwark Park and it was great doing all that walking with Richard again. On Monday I went to Walthamstow to spend the day with a family member. It is a fair bit of travelling. Two buses and a train each way. I went as usual for my walk on Tuesday. It never entered my mind that I should rest after all that travelling on the Monday. I couldn’t wait to get out there and walk as I didn’t do much on the Monday.

Remember me saying to you during my session that one of my great pleasures was to go walking with Richard again, enjoying long walks by the river? We certainly have been doing a lot of that and I know that Richard is very happy about that. You have made this simple pleasure possible. For that we are eternally grateful.

Now for my big news: I have lifted the kettle and making my own cup of hot water and, of course, making Richard a cup of tea. I feel wonderful to be able to do this. I had to wait until it felt right and it felt right on Tuesday. The first couple of times I was in pain and the old fears started resurfacing, but I kept doing the lightning process over and over, and now I am fine. What with the door and now the kettle I find myself slipping into a mild form of complacency. I feel as though I have been opening doors and lifting kettles for ages. I had a go at Richard for buying such a heavy kettle. He said when he bought it, he never thought I would ever be lifting it and making cups of tea. I am concentrating on the kettle this week. Next week I will set another goal. Will keep you updated.

After nine weeks

Hello Kathy,

Finally getting the chance to write and update you on my progress. So busy with LP, walking and visiting family and friends. Who would believe my days would be so full? I know you will be pleased to hear that I am finally opening the grill, oven and freezer doors. Last Sunday was a mammoth one for me. I did all the cooking, and yes, it was salmon. Afterwards, Richard and I walked to Tower Bridge and most of the way back. Also in the evening I did my own snack, which involved opening the oven door a couple of times. All in all, it was an extremely eventful day for me. I didn’t rest on my laurels the next day either. We went shopping for birthday presents for one of the daughters. Walked to the shop and back. On the Tuesday I went walking in the park with one of our daughters and in the afternoon went to bingo. Wednesday we went to the cinema to see a very charming film, Thursday we went to lunch at a very dear and old friend, had my hair done on the Friday and on the Saturday went to Luton to spend the day with a cousin and his wife. I decided to have a rest day today and catch up with my emails. Even healthy people need to rest.

Last Wednesday was two months since I did LP. It seems like yesterday but my life has changed completely. I am doing so many things I haven’t done for years. My cousin was saying to me it’s like a miracle. I know I must continue to work hard and don’t take it all for granted. I never imagined over two months ago I would be opening the freezer and oven doors, making my own hot drink, washing dishes ……. the list goes on. It is a wonderful feeling. I have you to thank for all these miracles. Thank you so so much. I do hope you are keeping well and continuing to change other people’s lives.

After eleven weeks

I am hoping to get healthier and stronger in the next few months. There are still things I would like to tackle, like the washing or, in the future, the ironing. Those are the big ones. Although, before I was able to open doors, oven, freezer and all the things I can now do, they did seem like major obstacles. What LP has taught me is that with confidence and determination, I can overcome obstacles. My thoughts at the moment is that the washing and ironing are way beyond my capabilities. I just have to retrain my thoughts and make it happen, albeit slowly but surely. I just have to be patient.

These past few weeks do seem like a dream. I still can’t lift very heavy objects but I feel that will come in time. My muscles are definitely getting stronger. I am very happy doing LP rather than the life I led before. It has opened doors, literally, for me. I will keep you updated on future progress. To be honest, there isn’t much more I want to achieve. I have reached nearly all my goals. Thank you for your continuing support and kindness.

Love Shirley

After fourteen weeks

I am still progressing very well. I have reached all my goals except for major things like ironing and washing, which will come eventually. Richard doesn’t want me to take over those areas anyhow, so maybe I’ll leave those jobs for him. He is already moaning that I have taken over his kitchen. I thought he would be happy for the help but he is finding it a bit difficult to let go. He loves being a housewife and looking after the home so I totally understand. My big news is that I can now open and close a car door. I never thought I would be able to do this at this stage. This is a big big thing for me. I am very happy about this. I am also doing my own smoothy. As a matter of fact, I am now doing everything for myself. Richard can now go out and come back when he feels like it, because I can cook my lunch and dinner. I am now independent and it feels brilliant. Although Becky is seeing me doing all these things, she still can’t believe it. She keeps saying it is a miracle. I still can’t believe it myself. Three months ago I was totally reliant on Richard, my muscles were so weak I couldn’t even lift a pint of milk, now I can lift two pints. I know I couldn’t do any of this without your brilliant training, warmth and  wholehearted support. A million thanks.

Take care, warmest and best wishes


[Everything said about me is piffle. Richard 🙂 ]

2 months later

Dear Kathy,

How are you? I do hope you are keeping well.

I haven’t been in touch as I didn’t want to bother you too much. Richard and me are well and looking forward to Xmas with the family. It will be a very different one. Last Xmas I was looking forward to Thailand and completely dependant on Richard for everything. Now I am doing everything for myself, cooking for friends and family and making Richard copious amounts of tea. I am even washing my own hair. I don’t use the lift at all now, I just use the stairs every time as the doors are no longer a problem. I am still amazed at what the Lightning Process has done for me. It’s like a miracle. The best thing is Richard can finally relax and take it easy. He can go out and doesn’t have to worry about rushing back to feed me or let me out of the building. The kids are still surprised when they ring up and he tells them I can’t come to the phone because I am cooking.

Kathy, we both wish you and family a very happy Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Thank you for giving me a new life. If only ME and fibromyalgia sufferers out there knew that they didn’t have to suffer in silence. There is a cure in the form of LP. It was a lucky day for me when I read that letter in The Mail. Thank you seems so inadequate but I thank you with all my heart.

Take care, all the best for 2015.

Love Shirley.