Here is my 5 week testimonial:

The lightning process is the most amazing thing I have ever come across in my life. How can a three day course cure me of ME/CFS? Well it can!!!

I took the course 5 weeks ago and it feels like I have been well for ages!!! On week one I took some time adjusting to actually ‘doing things’ and was amazed how much I could do and feel incredible afterwards and the day after and the day after that, which was never the case before! Since then I have built my life back, I go to work, look after my 1 year old nephew, go out on my bike every day, go to the gym, go out with my friends til what ever time in the morning I like!! 2 weeks after the course I had one of my closest friends weddings and all year I was planning how little I could be there for and when I would have to go for rests and how my fiance would get home at the end as I would of left! But thanks to Kathy and the Lightning Process I was there from start to finish! and not just there but dancing on the dance floor all night! The wedding finished at 12 and we then went on to a friends house and stayed out chatting until 2am!! The next day we were up at 8:30am to meet the wedding party for breakfast and then on to Cambridge for a picnic in the park and a game of rounders which I took part in!! And I felt great!!

I can’t believe how much my life has changed since doing the lightning process and I can’t thank Kathy and Phil Parker enough for creating and teaching this amazing process to me and everyone else who does it! Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!