Hi Kathy,

Hope you are well and enjoying the summer (it has been rather lovely hasn’t it). I have been meaning to drop you a few lines to say thank you once again for speaking to Rosie when she did confusion! Since then there has been no stopping her! We have done so many things I don’t even know where to begin telling you. We stayed in a yurt (if you ever fancy a holiday in a yurt we would all recommend this place ) for 4 days when the weather was at its best, and we had the most wonderful time. We have spent many a day at the beach, visiting family, playing football and table tennis, shopping, you know, just the normal things that everyone takes for granted. The most amazing day was when Rosie played in a football tournament 2 weekends ago. To be honest I did wonder if she would ever play a football match again last year, never mind a whole day of football! She loved every minute of it as did we all watching her. Her team made it to the final that day, and game runners up to a team of very tall athletic girls who were actually a year older than them, so they did very well. I have attached a few photos of her that day as I thought you would like to see them.

Thanks once again Kathy. I often think about you, and wonder how many people have been to see you since us. Many I hope, as you have a real gift in your ability to teach the LP and help people.

With love,

Trish, Steve, Izzy and Rosie