What Mum had to say after Elodie completed LP

Kathy, she’s incredible!!! I can barely believe it but I’m going with it. She went for a run yesterday and texted me a picture at work of her face after she’d done it. So happy, I cried, though I didn’t let her know that! Her voice sounds different, she moves differently – she went out last night with a friend, who after 30 seconds said, ‘What’s different about you Elodie? You seem like your old self!’ (She didn’t know about E doing the LP) I’m running out of superlatives, but it seems like a miracle. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Geves xxx

After eleven weeks

Hi Kathy

Just a quick update… I know Elodie will be talking to you at some point but frankly, she is so busy living right now she might not get round to it very soon!

Eleven weeks on (I just counted) and she is still doing incredibly well. She got the A Level grades she needed (I think she told you?) and is off to university in a week, full of excitement, confidence and energy for this new phase of her life. She got herself a job about a month ago, waitressing at a lovely restaurant. She sometimes works very long hours, on her feet, but she is absolutely loving it. On a few occasions I haven’t been able to drive her to work, so she cycles the five and a half miles to get there. All of this as you well know was unimaginable before doing the Lightning Process. I can barely remember the grey-faced girl who spent days in bed over those two and a half years, and who struggled with even a tiny amount of physical activity.

As far as I’m concerned, I am at the point where I have almost completely relaxed, knowing that her ME is in the past. It’s certainly the way she (and we) all talk about it now. We say, ‘when you were ill…’ if it comes up at all, which it doesn’t very often these days. Anyway Kathy, I’m starting to cry again but I just wanted to let you know the incredible gift you’ve given Elodie and us all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Geves xxxxxx

Two and a half years later…..

Hi Kathy, a very quick update to say, two and a half years on and Elodie is still doing brilliantly. She’s completed a grueling first and second years on her Dance BA, and is now working very hard for a dance organisation in London on her placement year, and is loving life. I would say her ME is a distant memory and in some ways it is, but neither of us are complacent about her symptoms never returning. HOWEVER….the fact is since she walked out of your door after those three days in July 2013, she’s been well. The change in her from bed-bound, crumpled person is (sorry, hackneyed…) a miracle. I have my beautiful, hopeful and energetic daughter back. Thank you again! Geves xxxxx