Hi Kathy

As it’s been a couple of months since we last spoke, I thought I’d email just to let you know how well I’m getting on! Since the lightning process I have been really busy doing lots of lovely things! I’ve started Spanish classes which are really challenging and I love them! I’ve started French classes too, and this week I moved classes because they said I was too good for the class I was in! I’m learning to drive which I’m enjoying so much; I really think I’ll be a good driver! I see my friends several times a week, I seem to have loads of friends still in Norwich! This week, I’m going to Cambridge to see my friend who is studying there. I’m swimming regularly to build up my stamina and hoping to go back to dancing soon. I use the LP regularly and I’ve ended up doing things in the last 3 months that I would never have done even before I was ill. I feel so much happier and I’m even sleeping much much deeper than I think I’ve ever slept!! I’ve even started applying for jobs so that I can have a bit more independence. Next year, I’m thinking of going abroad for a while to immerse myself my languages and I might even go on holiday with a group of my friends! How exciting! In general I am so much more relaxed about life and I see every negative emotion as choice that I can make. I really hope that you are well and that everything is good in your life too.

I would be very happy to let you put my words on the website. I know that when I was making the choice to do the lightning process, the testimonials on your website greatly influenced my decision. I would love to think that my experience could inspire someone else to do the LP.

Rachel 🙂

After six months

It’s been six months since I did the lightning process :O wow!!

I really wanted to email and tell you that three weeks ago, I went back to dancing! It had been a year and half since I’d last seen my dance teachers, but they were so pleased to see me, and everyone was saying how well I looked! They’ve let me get back in to it slowly, and I’m building up my stamina again so fast! I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying it! It’s amazing just to lose myself in it completely again, it’s like I’ve never been away, and it really builds my self-confidence! Apart from dancing I’m continuing to live the life I love, seeing friends left right and centre, learning to drive but also setting aside lots of time for myself to relax and enjoy just being. I’m still really looking forward to going to university in September, and the closer it gets the more exciting it seems!

Rachel 🙂

After eighteen months

Hi Kathy,

Can you believe it’s been nearly eighteen months since I did the process? I wanted to email to tell you that I’ve made so many amazing positive changes since I started university, all thanks to LP!

I’ve been here for four months now, living away from home was something I used to du fear of, but I’ve settled in well and I’ve quickly got used to looking after myself! I get on really well with my flatmates and I’ve joined some societies, like dance society and French cinema club where I’ve met more friends. I’ve being duing confidence to go out and do these things on my own, which was something I would never have wanted to do before. I’m really enjoying my course too, and all the time I’m using the process to do confident linguist (I’m studying French and Spanish) and I often do presentations in front of the class! I’ve even learnt to travel across London on my own so that I can come home to Norwich from time to time without my parents having to drive me everywhere! Talking of driving – I am going to take my driving test when I go home for the summer – I’m a good driver now, just like I knew I’d be!

I also wanted to let you know how happy I am that Mum did the process with you in the summer – she’s really changed, after the three days I saw the worry leave her face – she looked younger! She continues to use the process as much as I do and she keeps telling me how much it has helped her. Sometimes we do it together to help each other along – we’ve even done it over Skype!

An update after 3.5 years…..

 Dear Kathy,
I know I promised you I would let you know how things went after our phone call in the summer, somehow I managed to let time slip by but I wanted to say a very belated big thank you for chatting to me in August and helping me see that I was still on track!!
I’ve been on my year abroad this year, and I’ve successfully managed to move away and live on my own in two foreign countries and speak two different languages! I lived in France for five months and I’m currently living in Spain where I’m studying at university, making lots of friends and doing salsa classes!!

It’s amazing to stop and reflect sometimes on how far I’ve come since I did LP with you 3 and a half years ago, and how I’m continuing to make massive steps, not only in my health and wellbeing, but also discovering that I’m actually an independent and relaxed person, something I never would have imagined without LP! I think perhaps if I hadn’t been ill, I would never have discovered the lightning process and might never have done all these wonderful things!

I hope you’re well too Kathy, sending my best wishes from Spain!

Love Rachel Jones 🙂


After 2 years Rachel’s mum Lousie says

Hello Kathy

I expect you are enjoying this lovely summer weather with your family! I just wanted to email you because it is the second Anniversary of Rachel getting her Life back after being taught so ably by you how to use the Lightning Process. It is also a year since I gained Life-changing skills myself through doing the process with you too. Well Kathy it has been a good year for us both. People keep telling me how well and relaxed I look. I feel I now have skills which I can effect immediately to do calm when I need to and which I can apply to all areas of my Life! I am taking early retirement and am doing looking for a new and enriching route to take in the next year. I have also gained confidence and know that Life will be ok so much so that I could stand as a contented bystander and watch my daughter go from strength to strength in her first year at University without doubting that she could do it. She is very happy, has made lots of friends and has got a first in her exams! Life is good Kathy!

very best wishes

Louise x