Hi Kathy

Hope you’re well and everything going ok for you. It’s been such a long time since I’ve spoken to you! I kept meaning to email you an update but it just kept slipping my mind! I think a lots happened since I last spoke to you! The LP has been helping me a lot since I last saw you, I’ve had no more problems at all really! I hardly use the LP anymore except for if I’m a bit tired, otherwise I find I don’t need it!

I got my GCSE results in August and was very pleased with A* in biology with 100% on my coursework! I also moved away from home 3 weeks ago and am now living at college in Kent! I got my place in June after I came for my interview and they were the only college that weren’t too fussy about having exactly the right GCSE grades! I got in on the level 2 horse care course, but 2 weeks of being here and I’ve been moved up to the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Horse Management! I can’t help but say I’m very pleased with this as I’m on the course as if I’d been at school and got my GCSE’s all along! Its a tough course with early morning duties at 7am and late night duties till 8:30pm but its a lot fun! I’ve also had a long summer, being up at the yard nearly everyday to look after my horse and also working. I worked 2 days a week over the summer teaching little kiddies about looking after ponies, an entertaining job to say the least! And also working as yard staff: getting horses ready for lessons, being receptionist, etc. I’ve sure gained a lot of experience over the summer! The horse I had on share loan has been moved to the yard I worked at and I now own him!

All in all its been a busy few months! I have to say though I can’t believe how well I am! It really is amazing, I can’t say how much I owe you though. The lightning process has helped me so much!

Well I finally got around to giving you an update!

Thanks a lot,

Miri xxxx

P.S. I’ve just attached a few of photos of me riding over the summer 🙂