Dear Kathy

Thank you so so much for teaching me the Lightning Process. You are an amazing teacher and the Lightning Process has been completely life changing. Following breast cancer and then a failed spine operation which damaged my nervous system and gave me responses to pain which were absolutely debilitating, I ended up permanently in bed and unable to stand for more than 10 minutes, completely unable to sit, and in all positions I was in terrible pain, with burning all over, muscles spasms around my body and locking of muscles and joints, especially in my spine and bottom.

After the first amazing transforming session with you I was able to sit and drive the car!!! You are a brilliant enabler, kind and clear, focused and positive all the time. You showed me what I could do to change my world, which had become so small. I am now really well, fit and able bodied again. People I know think it’s some kind of miracle!!! It’s really great work, which is so worthwhile at all times. I was “pronounced better” by my pain doctor a few weeks after working with the process and then one day later discovered a recurrence of breast cancer. Amazingly I have also recovered from the operation for this so quickly that friends have been incredulous. I used the process throughout and didn’t have the usual post-operative pain killers, yet felt literally no pain, this is still the case! Thank you also for your amazing phone conversations, the support and help you have given me to use the tools I have now, has been absolutely brilliant, I guess a question people might ask is “do you have/feel any pain now?” The answer is I work at it all the time and as a result I am as comfortable and pain free as I choose to be – i.e. No!! With so much thanks, and with respect for your abilities and love too! Amanda x