Two weeks after the Lightning Process

I’ve been meaning to email for a few days now, but you know how it goes when you’ve got your life back…..!

Things are going really well for me. I’m loving getting fit – walking, running, swimming, push-ups, pull-ups. And I have no doubt and no fear about any of it. It’s what I want to do, and I’m doing it. How brilliant is that?

I did have a wobble yesterday because I’d slacked off doing LP properly. Things have changed so much, so quickly, that I thought I could do without it when I saw The Pit approaching. I know, I know…. DUH!! :)))

Anyhow, I’ve been more diligent today. Result: no more overwhelmed etc, 7.5 mile bike ride with Charlie (I can’t even remember the last time I did that) and I feel fantastic 🙂

Thank you so *very* much for putting me on this track. Anyone who knows me has their jaw on the floor. You were a great teacher – just the right mix of inspiration, compassion and challenge – at just the right time. Thank you thank you thank you.

Speak to you soon,

Lots of love,


Six months after the Lightning Process

Dear Kathy

Hello! I’m sure this finds you in good health 🙂

I remembered the other day how important it was for me to see the testimonies on your webpage – particularly the ones from LPers confirming that their recoveries had ‘stuck’, so I thought I’d join in. I’m still duing brilliantly.

My birthday was in May and I asked for (and was lucky enough to be given) a new mountain bike with front suspension. So quite different to my previous 5 birthdays, when I requested books! Charlie and I now go to Thetford Forest quite regularly to ride the trails there. In July I did a local Forget Me Not 10 mile sponsored walk for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research; and in August Charlie and I had a long weekend camping in the Peak District, enjoying two big walks in two days (five and a half hours, and seven and a half hours – see attached photo), and took in Chatsworth House on the way home.

Best of all, we’ve just got back from an amazing fortnight in Snowdonia. Six months ago I wouldn’t even have contemplated the drive to Wales, let alone doing anything when I got there…. but now? We climbed Cadair Idris (800m ascent/descent, over eight and a half hours), explored part of the Rhinogs (500m ascent/descent with a 10kg pack, over eight and a half hours – see photo), had brief forays onto Snowdon and Tryfan (weather was foul and very exciting) and did two fairly epic mountain bike trails in Coed y Brenin (world famous mountain bike centre). The rest of the time we were exploring local towns and bits of coastline.

Oh – and I’ve applied to be reinstated to my university’s Graduate Register, with a PhD submission date of 1st January 2012. And it is definitely happening this time!

So many thanks again, Kathy, for giving me the skills to do all this. I really am living the life I love. xx Imogen

imogen1 imogen2

Two years after the Lightning Process

I’d like to send you a 2-year update for your website. I think it’s good for people to know that you stay well with the LP 🙂

In a nutshell, I’m still duing great. We’re really enjoying hiking, in particular. The photo was taken last year during a fantastic 3-day 50km hike in the Cairngorms. I also climbed Snowdon last May, and Scafell Pike this September – which leaves the third peak, Ben Nevis, for my 3-year LP anniversary next year. Work-wise, I had my PhD viva on the 7th February, and my thesis passed with minor corrections, which was great, to put it mildly! A week later I flew off to the States to give a paper at Yale, as part of an academic consultation. Charlie came along too, so that we could enjoy 5 days in New York afterwards. We had the best time ever! Highlights: ice-skating in Central Park, The Lion King on Broadway, and a concert at Carnegie Hall. I’m also enjoying writing a book with a friend and doing more preaching at our church. So it’s all go, and all good. As ever – thank you!