Three days after the Lightning Process

I won the lottery!!! Well £10 how about that and I predicted 4 football matches during the FA CUP Draw and so it is my fault Ipswich have Chelsea. The concert was great, emotional but I stood and sang whole way through and walked from the car park to hall without my stick in amongst the crowd, talk about gathering evidence. I had energy left today to tackle Dominic’s room much to his dismay – he is still hoarding badly but we will win. Think might end up canyoning on my own as Jasmine is too young for activity weeks and Tim would need to do process to go up off the ground, but found a lovely centre near Lyme Regis which I know Dominic would love as a fossil hunter in the making.

Feel on a high at moment, oh and the pain clinic went really well, he was so pleased for me and amazed at speed, first good thing he had seen in ages and congratulated me on taking control and discharged me then and there. Even imagined having easy parking spot and there it was, I know its prob external factor but hey don’t care. Speak on thursday thanks again for big change you have helped me make. Bridget

Three months after the Lightning Process

I did it – had my first lesson yesterday! Cooked pancakes with the children in the evening and did bed time as well as Tim was at footie (we won’t talk about that result) and today I felt good and went for a swim and did my hyrdro exercises and rewarded myself with a Jacuzzi and sauna.

Thanks for the help before half term I feel back on track and glad I am doing things for myself as well as the family – went back to the choir and did whole 2 hours standing with everyone else when required.

Will be in touch soon as off to see Marrilion at Centre Parcs Holland in couple weeks and how good that will now be? Then bring on my 40th and Jas 5th birthday and a trip to London to see Mama Mia, oh what a busy life we lead!

Enjoy the sun we have today

Eighteen months after the Lightning Process

Just wanted to share my exciting news. I had an amazing Ofsted inspection in March with a double outstanding. This spurred me on to write a paper to try and get to the national communication conference as a presenter. I had to apply to companies to raise the money to go if I was accepted. Last night I found out it was accepted and I have been asked to do a mini platform presentation for 30 minutes. The paper is going in the national journal as well.

It has been a manic holiday, jubilee celebration with me joining in the races with the children, 3 days of wall papering and painting our bedroom, then to come: saturday a trip to the races to see mcfly, Sunday off to Windsor and Monday to legoland. Hope you had a good jubilee

Wanted to share the joy of being me at the moment, content and happy to be living the life I love.

Bridget\Ipswich supporter (well we won’t spoil the email with that!!)