From the mother of an 11 year old who had ME/CFS

Dear Kathy, hello! H. wants me to tell you how he is doing as he is very proud of himself. He is consistently going to School every day for one lesson, and over the last month he has also started to build up the time he is in School so that now he stays extra time to have either break or some of lunch with friends. He has also started going for two consecutive lessons once a week. Then he comes home and has a good intensive lesson with his home tutor.

He is getting stronger every day. He is planning to start doing one of the subjects he is doing at home at School from January (English). He is also doing French at home and doing well.

He says that he is feeling much better in his body, but the brain has not quite caught up yet. However, he is confident that it will and that he will be fully better in the next few months.

Since he did the Process he has not taken a single step back. To me as his mother that is the most important thing. He is enjoying life and writing his book in his spare time. He is just much happier and a delight to be with.

Will we ever be able to thank you enough?