Katherine had suffered from ME for nearly 20 years

Two weeks after the Lightning Process

On Sat afternoon I rang several people to arrange to meet up but no-one was in! So I decided to have a trip to Tesco’s instead and didn’t use my blue badge for the first time ever. I had about an hour there, which I thought was pretty good, I had spent so long on the phone earlier. And then on Sun I went to church in the morning and sang in the choir, which went really well. In the afternoon I went for a walk, and went twice as far as I would have done before LP, and explored a new route, which was fun as I didn’t quite know where I was going to end up! I went to the library, and then to the local college to put in my application for a course which starts next week. I may also do either a web-design course or a painting and drawing course. I also really want to start piano lessons again soon. After going to the college this afternoon I also had a quick whizz round Tesco’s again, just for a few bits and have also had several phone calls, so all in all, quite a busy day! I have more friends coming tomorrow afternoon and possibly my best friend in the evening.

Five days later

Just another quick update! I went to choir last night and joined in for the whole practice – I can’t remember the last time I was able to do that! And that was after walking over a mile in the afternoon and doing other bits and pieces, such as piano, reading, cooking, computer etc. And a neighbour I hadn’t met before came round with some of my post which had gone to them by mistake and stayed chatting for ages, just as I was trying to organise tea and get ready to go out, but I wasn’t at all flustered as I might have been in the past. I was a bit late for choir but it was fine. I’ve had a quieter day today, although I have given my bathroom a good clean (doesn’t that take a lot of energy?!) I had a phone call yesterday to say I have been accepted onto the course which I applied for at my local college. It was supposed to start next week; it’s been delayed until Nov 3rd. There are other things I want to start doing, which I can now get on with -hopefully piano lessons, maybe an art class and swimming, and of course church/choir practices, and seeing friends and just generally doing fun stuff, so it’s not as though I’m going to be twiddling my thumbs. I am hoping to teach piano when I initially start working.

Another two weeks later

Hi-Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while – been really busy!! Things are still going well here. I have started an art class in my village on Mondays, which is great fun, and have also enrolled for a basic counselling course at my local college starting Nov. I’ve been doing lots of choir stuff too – I’m really enjoying being able to do a full practice for the first time in many many years, and have done weddings the last 2 Saturdays, and services on Sundays (plus harvest supper last Sun, where I ate lots of things I haven’t dared to try for years!!) I’ve also been catching up with friends/family, as well as doing piano, cooking, TV, computer, chatting on the phone, shopping, cleaning (!) etc! So very busy! I’m better than I have been for about 20 years! I am really enjoying my new-found freedom. My walking is also hugely improved – I walked about 1.5 miles the other day, which took about 35 mins, and walked round town for over 1.5 hours on Wed without even thinking about sitting down for a rest whilst I was there, which for me is really quite amazing. My feet have been a bit sore since choir on Thurs as I wore my boots (I’m so fed up of trainers!!) so I only walked a mile yesterday, but still a huge improvement on pre-LP!! I have now taken the wheelchair out of my car and dumped it in the garage! How fab is that?! I had intended to go for a swim on Wed, only to discover when I got there that they had changed the session times and weren’t open to the public because they had schools in! Not impressed! I also went to the cinema for the first time in about 10 years last night with some choir friends, which was just amazing, and I even went back to have supper with them afterwards. Today I have been to have lunch with my best friend and her daughter. So all very busy!!

Another five days later

Since I last sent an update, I have been keeping busy!! I went to church again last Sunday; art class Mon plus a visit from mum; swimming (6 lengths!) and Tesco’s Tues as well as 3 long phone calls; church again yesterday morning plus a long walk in the afternoon and a chinese with Sam and Holly last night!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being able to do all that! My parents have been over this afternoon for an hour, and I have choir practice later, and then mum and I are going shopping tomorrow, so all very busy. The best thing is that it doesn’t even cross my mind to have a rest during the day anymore!!! 🙂

Six weeks after the Lightning Process

This week I have done my art class Mon followed by a visit from my parents, shopping Tues (mum and I went into Sheffield, and I did all the driving, approx 40 mins in total each way, and walked round for over 2.5hours!!) opticians and supermarket shopping Wed, choir Thurs, swimming yesterday morning (8 lengths!!) followed by a quick trip to Tesco’s and then had my best friend and her daughter over for tea last night, and have done a choir wedding today!! So very busy. Am having so much fun! It would be good to discuss the back pain at some stage as it is still limiting what I can do, but I just haven’t had chance to arrange a time to speak! Next week is already getting booked up but I will let you know when I get a space in my diary!! 🙂

Four months after the Lightning Process

I am having the time of my life! I am so amazed by the huge improvement in my health compared to last year, it’s just wonderful!! I’ve had the best Christmas ever – lots of country walks in the snow, lots of silly games and lots of good food and company, and of course, some lovely pressies too! I even drank champagne on Christmas Day and wine on Boxing Day, which I have never been able to do! I stayed at my parents from Christmas Eve until yesterday, which was lovely, but it is also nice to be back in my bungalow again now. I did both morning and evening services at church on Sunday, and hit the sales for 3 hours with mum yesterday (not a wheelchair in sight!) before packing all my stuff into my car and driving back late yesterday afternoon. And it hasn’t once crossed my mind recently that I’ve needed to have a rest despite being so busy. I’m sooo chuffed!! I also sang at a wedding today, and then dropped in at my parents briefly then spent a couple of hours with my best friend Sam, before coming back home. Tonight I’ve been catching up on a few phonecalls and watching some of the things I recorded at Christmas. I’m seeing more friends tomorrow, then am spending New Years Eve at my friends, and I think we’re going to get a chinese and celebrate. In previous years I’ve always been in bed by 9pm at New Year, but definitely not this year!

Thanks so much for all your help which has made all of this possible – I am so so grateful to have my life back again. It’s not all plain sailing, but things are better now than I ever dreamed possible, and I feel confident that this is just the start of things to come.



Had lovely 3 hours out with Sam today, and have also been out on my bike, and for my longest walk so far, chatted to a couple of people on the phone, and done my hour’s piano! And still have all evening to do whatever I want! 🙂 Sam and I discussed the possibility of going to London for a couple of days to see a West End show.

Another great day today – did my hour’s piano and went a bit further on the bike this morning then sang at a wedding after lunch, then had a lovely afternoon at my parents’, and while I was there I washed my car for the first time ever!!!! 🙂 Who would believe car washing could be so much fun?! My dad was especially pleased as he normally gets the job!

When I was at church last Sunday, someone asked me how I was, and I replied that I was very well thankyou, which felt very strange indeed as I can’t remember the last time I was able to say that! I don’t know who was more astonished, me or the person asking! 🙂 I feel that I’ve come on in leaps and bounds again in the last couple of weeks, and it’s just been amazing to be able to do all I have done and still be fine.

P.S. Am going to put an ad in the paper this weekend to try to sell my wheelchair 🙂

One year later


I am continuing to do very well. I am now enjoying teaching piano from home and have had several new pupils start recently which is rather exciting!! And am also busy with my level 3 counselling course as well as voluntary work, art classes and lots of choir stuff! And spending lots of time with my lovely fella too!! 🙂 Now that’s got you all interested hasn’t it?!! To change the subject completely, I just have to tell you that I have also just got my first ever pair of walking boots which is something of a milestone! (and I now have a cross trainer in my spare room too!!!!) I also really enjoy swimming when I get chance to go, and can manage a rather respectable 24 lengths these days, which I am rather proud of.

Today I went to church first thing, then Berend (my fella) came here for lunch, and we took our bikes to Clumber Park this afternoon before I went off to do evensong at a church at the other side of Sheffield with my choir, then came back to Berend’s to watch X-factor results and just got home!! Just a typical day for me now, but unthinkable before LP. I am feeling soooo great and am very very happy with my new life!  🙂

Hope you are well and happy and continuing to help people like me get their lives back. It’s an amazing thing you do – I appreciate what you have done for me more than you will ever know.