Two days after the Lightning Process.

Thank you for all you put into our course – you are clearly so skilled at the training and you add so much into it from your own personality with such a good balance of warmth but control … really – I’m so glad it was you!

I couldn’t believe the progress both K and P made, I felt so proud of them, and privileged to be a part of their journey. I just found the whole thing so fascinating!

I will fill you in on Friday when we chat – suffice to say everything is going really well and I had the most fantastic day out at the Wattisham Air Day with the family! Whe-yey!!!! Can’t wait to fill you in on all the positives – and unexpected positive too!

One week later.

At some point during the holidays (weather permitting!) we are going to go up to Thetford for a family bike ride! I can’t believe I have progressed so quickly to feeling this is within my ability! I don’t mean anything too challenging, but just a pootle around with my boys would bring me more joy than I can tell you.

So this once far off dream is going to become a reality soon and that’s just one of the many things I feel I have to look forward to now. There’s still stuff to work on, so my story isn’t quite finished.

Two weeks later.

Told you I’d do it Kathy!!!! We cycled for an hour and a half – no effects whatsoever – had a brill time together – just amazing. We went flying down one hill, all of us whooping. had to be my moment of the year so far, when Archie (little one, second in from left, in pale shirt & blue helmet) could be heard shouting “this is the best bike ride ever in the world!!!” .. Can’t say much more ….


Eight weeks later.

I’ve been so busy doing all the things I want to do that I simply haven’t had a quiet moment especially now the kids are back (!) and I can choose to fill my day how I want to! I’ve been for four bike rides up at Thetford Forest – and I’ve just started a Ladies Golf morning (three out of my four ‘boys’ play golf so if you can’t beat them – join them!!). I’ve joined a book club, started regular coffee mornings with various friends, and play a more active role in village activities. But what I am most enjoying is doing the simple things and not feeling ill … I don’t think I realised how bad I was even during my so called ‘well’ spells. Ironing, cleaning, cooking, just reading my boys a bed time story – all things I can now enjoy and I live so much in the moment knowing I shall do the best job I can with any task, enjoying it as I go along. It’s like someone has handed me back my life again. Though I still have challenging moments: one of the worst is during the afternoons when I notice myself flagging. This has perhaps been the most problematic habit to get rid of. I say habit, as that’s what it feels like. The times that I’ve given in and rested, I’ve actually felt worse – so I now keep busy and will deliberately choose an activity that requires complete involvement rather than say, reading a book or sitting at the computer – both likely to develop into a prime tiredness opportunity.

So I know there’s work to do, but I am so pleased that I’ve actually continued to get much better as I’ve gone along – with a marked improvement when I’ve applied the process as opposed to simply sailing along forgetting to do it at those key moments. Another problematic time can creep up when I’m out shopping; the flagging feeling suddenly becomes evident and I notice my brain thinking “oh here we go, I’d better get out of here” – a totally automatic response; then I do the process and forget about it as soon as I’ve done it, and onwards I go, doing what I want to! Amazing – my friends are incredulous at the change.

Four months after the Lightning Process.

I am going literally from strength to strength … I’ve conquered the afternoon problems I was having – and somehow without knowing it have ended up busy, busy through the day and so loving my life!!! I have to consciously remember now what things were like (but in one way it’s never far from my mind – just went for a beautiful walk on my own the other day – all the colours were so bright – I swear it’s even made my eye sight sharper, I’m always amazed at myself now!) …. I’m not necessarily taking on the world in others eyes, but in my own way I feel that I am … enjoying household stuff, helping at school, choosing how I want to live my life in each tiny way I guess.

Here is Cat wearing her medal she received for raising £575 for St Elizabeths hospice. She completed an 8 mile walk around the perimeter of Ipswich in 2 hours 40 minutes. Well done Cat!