Kristian has cerebal palsey and reported his progess after one month.

It’s now about three month since we met at Liv’s for the LP. My positive changes came very fast. Do you remember the stairs up to the room for our lesson? First day I had to sit step by step going downstairs. The last day I walked down the stairs on my feet without problems. Before the LP It was impossible to bring a glass of water from one point to another point and not spill the water. After the process it’s possible. I think also I’m talking much better after LP. As long I remember to relax my cheeks, and not speak too fast, my speech is easier for others to understand. Now I manage to fill petrol on my own car. I’m doing more control over my movement. I’m walking better, and steadier. It was just after the LP. I think after a time I need to remind myself what we were talking about in the process. Sometime I forget the main thing in LP: How to take control over my thoughts. Sometimes it’s easy to go back to old behavior. It’s necessary to get some wake up calls – reminders.

In short: I think LP is a kind of liberation for the mind. A way of thinking to get me more in control of the movements in my body. I am walking better. I am talking better. I am almost driving better.

My everyday doing things is easier to do. It’s possible to peal a potato. The Norwegian hospital of rehabilitation, Sunnaas, could not imagine my level of opportunities when I was tested there in May. They were wondering how I had reached this level of walking and talking. The doctor was very interested about the LP way of thinking.

I hope you get a nice summer and a good holiday.