Shirley age 71

A few lines to let you know how I am doing!!

Pretty good, in general I am carrying on with life more or less as before the ME era. The back problem has improved but still has a little way to go. With extra exercise though, as I think I mentioned, I am hoping the muscles in the back and stomach will gradually strengthen. I had started to drive again and was enjoying local journeys, but guess what……… my car developed a problem and has been off the road waiting for a new part, which still isn’t in apparently. Anyway when it’s been repaired I will start again!!

Last Sunday we went to watch our Grandson in Kart Racing and an outdoor track near Beccles, standing and walking about from about 11 am to 3.30 pm with travelling on top. Then on the Tuesday we went to see my Sister and her husband at Stalham in Norfolk which is a couple of hours journey each way and very busy talking etc in between.