Daniel age 33

Suffered from PVS and various physical symptoms since January 2005

The experience of the sessions was perfect! One to one worked great for me. Coaching covered enough theory to get “buy-in” from me. Good balance of empathy and direction. Inspirational tutor who helped me through my “wobbles”. Had a great time.

I can do anything I want! Before the training everything was measured to avoid “over doing it”-and I still “over did it!” Since the training, it has been non-stop at home and at work. Still do occasional “struggle” but know this is something I need to address with consistent use of the process.

I’m currently focusing on home life/leisure time and trips away, DIY etc. Later will come a review of job/career. Key thing for me was realising I am responsible for and capable of making the change.

Asked what he would say to someone thinking of doing the Process, Daniel says:

If you want to “own” the process of getting better – do it. I recommend website, talking to “graduates” & practitioners to get comfortable with it then book it! (Or at least apply!)

I was particularly impressed with:

  • Personality, getting to know you.
  • Experience/skills, and application of
  • Perfect surroundings for training

I’ve said it before, but cannot say it enough. Thank you for helping me on my way to an excellent life (that I love!).

One year later

Have to update you on the amazing day I have had today. On the eve of my birthday and almost one year on from learning the lightning process I have had the most amazing day. Having done my usual cycle to work (I do this every day) this evening

I cycled from work to Alton Water. This is about 8.5 miles with some good climbs! Once at Alton Water I paused for approx 2/3 mins – mainly to let my wife know I had arrived safely(!) before setting off on the approx 8 mile Mountain Bike circuit which can be described as pretty challenging, particularly at full pace – I did it in a new personal best of 30 minutes! I cannot tell you how happy I was at this achievement.

A year ago I was limiting everything I did, and often felt like I had overdone it with a walk into town at lunchtime! Today I have cycled approx 20 miles, the majority of which was a full speed and tonight I feel great! The sun is truly shining today and not only in the sky. It wasn’t the lightning process that did this, it was me, but I have absolutely no doubt that the LP is helping me to realise my dreams and will continue to do so.

Please consider adding this to my testimony. I know when I was reading all the positive reviews before and after the training, I wondered how sustained the change was and if after the initial euphoria things settled down again. I feel that a year on I am applying the LP to more and more areas of my life and it is having a startling effect!

Thank you so much.