I’m using an analogy that seems to work well on many levels. I won’t be patenting it! So if it’s helpful:…

You’re bombing down a duel carriageway with all the other traffic but something happens ahead and your car is forced to stop. (If you’re lucky, and very very quick, you could reverse back to the exit you’ve just passed but after a few moments, there is no way you can do that).

You don’t want to be in the traffic, you didn’t even cause the hold up. But you are stuck and there is nothing you can do about it. Then, some bright spark knocks on your window and reminds you that you are driving a 4×4 and suggests you drive off-road. It’s not something you’ve ever done (after all, who uses a 4×4 for its real purpose!) and you are a law-abiding citizen and don’t feel comfortable about going off the legal route, but you MUST get passed the hold up and continue as fast as you can.

So, you make the decision to give it a go, and nervously you steer off the road, and start up a huge embankment. You make some headway then roll back a few times, but each time you get more confident and start roaring up the embankment flattening a few tree-lings on the way. You keep forging ahead, not even caring what route you take, the only thing you’re focussed on is getting past the hold up and back onto the fast road to take you where you need to go. A few other brave souls follow, and soon the route is well-worn and a continuous stream of traffic is now using it.

The lightning process is like that. It tells you how to bypass the hold up and continue. Once you’re past the massive hold up, you’re past it and no longer affected by it. Where indeed are the Haughly Bends? They don’t exist any more!