Two days after the Lightning Process

On my flight home, I experienced total absence of fear during takeoff and landing -for the first time in my life – how’s that for evidence?!

My husband welcomed me with homemade pizza and a bottle of wine Friday night, and we had a long, good talk. I told him about what we had been doing, and he concluded: “I totally buy it – I’m sure it works!”

Yesterday evening I took our daughter skiing in the woods, along a track with lights. I don’t know what you (would) call such tracks in England, but they are quite common here. It’s wonderful to ski in the dark, “mysterious” woods, as long as we have those lights to show us the way. Our daughter was very, very happy!

Today all three of us went to the local swimming pool, to swim and play in the water. Afterwards I made a lovely dinner, and my husband has asked me to send you his warmest thanks! So here they are, and mine as well: Thank you for your wonderful coaching and understanding, for showing me the way to make change possible!