I keep meaning to email you to just say thanks so much. Without your help it would have been yet another miserable Xmas. But it has been the best ever!

I still can’t believe how fantastic things are. Last year I thought I would never work again, but in two weeks I am going back to the office I used to work in!! They are starting me on a casual contract two mornings a week to see how I get on. The weird thing is, I KNOW I will manage fine!!

And at Easter we are going to Tokyo for a week! We lived in Asia for years when we were younger, and I had accepted that I was never going to show my daughter all those places I love so much. And now we are going in 12 weeks time.

I went into my daughter’s school this week to listen to readers. I had always promised that I would when I was better, and Emily was so so excited to have me there in her classroom!!

So thanks so much Kathy. You have helped me to get my life back. It’s like a dream that I thought would never come true. Sorry I didn’t email sooner, seems like I am rather more busy than I used to be these days!!!

I am starting my temping job this week, but last week on Friday I worked for a friend who is starting a business running kids parties. I did two hours of art with 12 kids aged 3 to 4 and at the end of it I was less tired than my friend!!! I know for sure I can handle office work now, as on Friday I was on my feet all the time with no coffee breaks.My friend seems to be making a lot of positive changes in her life too. So I think you did her the world of good as well!!