(Multiple Sclerosis, primary progressive)

3 days after the Lightning Process

I today took on my weekly walk around the woods with an old friend who also has a dog to exercise. This is something I do as regularly as possible and have been using to monitor how my legs are working… Today I did carry a stick with me (as I usually do) – but I found that it was used only as an accessory(!)

I would normally be very slow towards the end of the walk with a real feeling of ‘can’t wait to get back to the car seat for a rest’, but today I felt absolutely fine, and my feet didn’t hurt or make me feel uncoordinated. I am absolutely thrilled…

2 weeks after the Lightning Process

I have today just returned from another of the regular ‘woods’ walks with the dog, and am just doing mail before I dive into grouting another table set… really am surprised at how energetic I am these days. I used to need at least an hour’s sit down before I’d feel up to doing anything after a walk and I again felt fine wondering around-Loved it in fact

I am concentrating on breaking as many of the bad anchors as I can, and getting into the car in a different way really works too. I know it’s early days, but I am thrilled with the changes I have seen already, and the responses that I have from others (at the MS Therapy Centre) when I tell them that I am just working it all out in my own way now…

Have a lovely Christmas – I know I will!

Comments about the course

Really encouraging to see how LP was working around me and how I could work hard at a goal and achieve it and still feel more energetic for more.

Much more positive about my position in life. More understanding of how to achieve positive results of ‘grasping the nettle’ and clearing a path to move forwards bit by bit-manageable chunks. Kathy was brilliant to be around. A real inspiration and very good at digging down to the issues I am using the LP to change. I was aware there would not always be straight forward answers but she was really clever at being able to spend time pushing me when she knew it was needed.

I would recommend Kathy as someone who is flexible and understanding and obviously loves to share LP with others. I was very impressed with the research-prior to the seminar-that she had put in to help.If you are strong enough to believe in a new method to improve your life, to change your set ways that you have currently have thought to be the only answers, go for it.

Be aware it might not be what you think it is that is the issue. Be open to push yourself to get the best from it. You might just surprise yourself!!

Symptom picture

Started with tiredness after work, stumbling during work, leading to lack of confidence. Mike gave up work which involved travel and commuting, also gave up an active sporting life. Fatigue, stiffness in legs limiting walking. Foot and leg pain when walking, numbness in feet. Problems with balance and co-ordination. Leading to fewer walks and less exercise.

Day 2

reported walking further and communicating well with others.

Day 3

legs more relaxed, less twitching. Decided to stop high dose oxygen therapy.

1 week follow up call

Been busy at work, has not used walking stick since LP. After long walk felt energetic the rest of the day. Feeling healthier, more awake and upbeat. Stopped going to oxygen therapy.

5 week follow up call

Fatigue gone. Making important decisions regarding work. Stopped internal struggle, “things on the up” Get into cars better. Stick gone. Walking further and faster. Worked on balance with sub-modality shift on toes and knees. Reported change in sensation.