Tiril age 16

I think the training was really good, because we took it step by step and I think I understood it quite quickly as well. I think it was good I didn’t know exactly what I threw myself into, because then I was open to whatever it was, and didn’t have any expectations other than get well.

The LP is a very logical way of thinking and it makes sense. The LP proves that mind and body influence each other, and you can get yourself well.

I can now handle everything that comes my way; I’m confident and just enjoying life. I think the sky is the limit for me now, and that I can do whatever I want.

For anyone thinking about the LP, first of all they have to really want to do it, but if they would do it I would definitely encourage them.

Everything is still great, and I’m working four days a week, and I’m much more social. I’m usually busy doing stuff with friends in the weekends and even the other days a week. And I must say, it feels really good to be tired after a day at work because I’m tired for a reason and I know that is is “normal” tired and not like I used to be before.

Yesterday I was out with some friends at a resturant, and I wasn’t home before 12.00pm. Still after one week of working every day and being busy, I had a great time and not being tired!:)

And I am happy to say that I finally love my life!:) I’m enjoying every day, and still going strong!

I will soon go to bed, didn’t go to sleep until 05.00am yesterday. It’s fantastic to have energy to stay up so late with all my friends!:) But I have to be ready for work tomorrow, so it will be nice to have a good night sleep!