Kristin age 28

Kristin had been suffering from ME since she was 16 years old.

Hi Kathy!

This Friday we celebrated my son on his 4th birthday. His birthday is 13th of July, but that’s in the middle of the Norwegian summer holiday… Prior to such events, I have always had a tendency to be VERY stressed. Apperance have always been a big deal for me, probably because of low self-esteem. This time, on Thursday, I just waited for me to get stressed. It never happened!

On Thursday night I was out with some colleagues, drinking mojito and beer. On Friday morning I had a friend over for visit – and I was so calm, the birthday didn`t bother me at all! It was such a lovely feeling!!! And, of course, the celebration was perfect, and Sander and his guests were so pleased!

So you helped me coping with so much stuff! I am so grateful! You will always be in my heart, and I will never forget you!!!

I have weekend-duty at my work, and booked tickets to a show and are looking forward to a party…all at one weekend!! (So you can see, my life has really changed!!!)

I love my new life, and I wear out my colleagues… Or at least, they joke about it!! I hope you have a great time, you give so much inspiration!!!

Ten weeks later:

The summer has been amazing! Full of activities, I have even tried to sail for the first time! It was so funny!!! This weekend there is a big party Friday and Saturday that I am so looking forward to, and next weekend I am going to be the master of the ceremony in my cousins wedding. I am confident that I can manage that well! At work everything is going just fine!! We have a poor indoor climate in my office with high temperature. Everyone have to take pain killers because they get headache, everyone but me! I manage just great!!