Anette age 24

Anette’s father and I crept into their home, in the kitchen I spoke very quietly with her parents, this was how they had lived for the past year. Anette had lived in a darkened, sound proof room until 26th April when she done the Lightning Process training. Two weeks after the Lightning Process training she wrote:

Hello Kathy!

Here everything is great, and now I feel THIS is the real life, and the year in bed is just a memory from a time long ago. The weeks have gone without notice and I have enjoyed my time with friends. I have been at a friend`s cottage at the seaside of Oslo. I`ve been in the theater and watched a great play. I have taken a cold -but fun- bath in the sea, walked in the woods, talked, talked, talked and talked:)… Lots of sun and great fun!! Now I`m heading for Trondheim and my cousin`s house and I`m really looking forward to meet her small children. I`m going to celebrate Norway`s national day with them on the 17 of may.

The training is going well, I still have some issues left to deal with but I enjoy seeing all the result and know that in some days these issues will be solved too. I still get some symptoms when I go to bed- my ear starts “bip`ing” and sometimes my heartbeats gets “stronger”/faster. I always prepare myself before I go to bed, and the sleeping is really good, so I know it will go away in some days. I have had a bad cough for a week, and I started to focus on it- but recognized my bad pattern and stopped it. Now it is totally gone;)

I have some problems understanding that my muscles don´t follow the same progress as my mind, so a week ago I started the day with a walk of 15 minutes, then I played soccer for 30minutes in the afternoon and then I went walking for 45 minutes…. 😀 I had a great day, but now my feet are really swelled up (big) so I have to take more care of them and sit still. It is hard to stop thinking about them, but I`m working on it and I know that when I get the lightning process in real action it will be much better.

So, there are not really any issues, I`m living a normal life with normal activity-and LOVING IT! I look forward to get even more control so I can get even more happy with who I am also getting more in touch with my feelings. I still can get this “overwhelmed feeling” and wondering if I`m doing things right, if the last issues will disappear and if I will get this Happiness-feeling and really, deeply loving my life. I still live in a “vacuum” in a way, using my time to live a normal life- but feel more and more ready to soon be able to also focus on how to get an optimal life for me.

I feel secure in the process and know that I have tools that I can use the rest of my life and feel great about all that I have learned!

I will always be thankful to you Kathy, you taught me the most important lesson in my life, knowing that I know can learn and achieve what I want and turn all the negative things that might appear in my life in to something positive.

After 3 weeks:

I`m still in Trondheim- and the 17th was fantastic! I walked around in the city for many hours in my heavy national costume it was so crowded and soooo much sounds and played with the children all day! … IN the afternoon I was amazed of myself… How come I didn´t hear all the sounds when we was in town? How come my feet were not bigger? And I had my national costume on for 12 hours and didn´t think about it at all! (Last time was 2 years ago and I had to take it off after one hour).

My feet are (of course;) ) fine and I keep feeling so lucky!! Still I can have some issues when I go to sleep, but during the day I almost don’t think about the process and I do it automatically.

Yesterday I spent the whole day with Tyra (4 years) – and yes! I did tiredness…But not more than anyone else who are not used to sweet, small children talking, running and doing activities the whole day 🙂

I still love my life and the periods of overwelmedness or thoughts in the old pattern I almost laugh of… because I know that in some time I probably won´t be able to remember them or think the same way.


A text message seven weeks after the Lightning Process:

I’m having a great time. Today I drank my first beer! Yesterday I went bicycling! I’m swimming a lot – its great training!

Next week I’m going to work for the organization I worked with in Ecuador for four days with 20 others 🙂