Jill age 51

Jill’s ME symptoms began 20 years ago she had to take retirement from teaching 11 years ago. Jill found the Lightning Process sessions, enjoyable, thought provoking, fun, and a realisation of the power of the mind.

I thought you may be interested in my progress, here goes…

At Easter we had a week’s holiday in the Lake District and I exceeded all my expectations. I walked every day, on two days for 3 to 4 hours and I ascended my first peak in 14 years!! I was very emotional at the top, overwhelmed by the magnitude of what I had done. I also swam for the first time in years.

My reaction was predictable, very stiff and sore. I have also been building up time on my bike, yesterday I cycled 11 miles off road on sandy gravelly forest tracks. Yippee…….!!!!

The anti-depressants have gone too.

I am obviously a work in progress but I’m not yet the finished article – watch this space. I feel extremely lucky and grateful to have done the process with you – my life is coming back again.

Thank you so much.