Polly age 16

I found the sessions much easier than I thought I would because I was worried before about how I would physically manage the sessions. I found the session’s fun and interesting too!

I thought the approach was fantastic (the way the presentation was done and the teaching). The homework was beneficial for me.

I have bags more energy than I had before. I am generally happier, more positive and laugh a lot! I no longer have a constant headache or ME aches. I can return to school and have a social life. I can fulfill my ambitions, i.e. pursue a career in music! I am now able to begin to get fit and healthy. There are so many plans I can make now with the LP.

I found it extremely useful to meet Kathy before the sessions as it meant that I could focus on the actual training almost immediately. I think everyone should do that.

Kathy explained everything very clearly and it was fantastic that she had so many experiences that she shared to boost my confidence. The LP is such a positive process which is so different from CBT etc. It doesn’t dwell on the past, but looks forward, so different from my other experiences. Also it was fun!

If someone is thinking of about doing the LP, I would say they need to be sure they are ready for this big change and that they would be totally committed to it. If they are then I would say go for it, because it has changed my life for the better and it has given me a valuable tool for life.

Two weeks after Polly had learnt the Lightning Process®, her mum said:

It is very difficult to know where to begin in thanking you for what you have done for Polly – and for our family. I can hear you saying that Polly has done it for herself, but without you and your very special approach, it really would not have been possible.

One of my main questions before we began the lightning process was how important/significant the trainer is to the success of the process. It is obviously a very well constructed training programme but its ultimate success with Polly, I feel, is down to you. You picked up on things that are the very essence of Polly and drew them out of her – things that the illness had suppressed. Consequently, we have our daughter well on the way back to us and it is really wonderful. It is interesting that you said she sounded like a different person on the phone, as many friends and family have said the same. We have so much laughter in our house now – we had truly forgotten what it was like before.

There is a real difference in Polly’s whole facial expression and the biggest change is that her energy levels are so consistent. She has had just a couple of wobbles, but it has been very useful that we have been able to talk them through together and work out how best to apply the process.

I shall be eternally grateful that I was able to sit in on your sessions – I learnt so much – more than I even realised at the time. So, it is already proving very useful for me personally and as I said before, invaluable when Polly feels she needs to talk it through.

Our approach as a family has been to just let things take their course and not keep asking Polly about the process – although it has been tempting sometimes! We are all very excited at the prospect of a new year (how different to last year!) and feel able to make plans and look forward.

If there is anything I can do to help ‘spread the word’ on the lightning process then I will do it. I feel so sad that there are people sitting at home right now, suffering with ME (and many other problems) who’s lives can be transformed so easily.

I wish you and yours a great 2008! – and thank you again!

One year after the Lightning Process

Dear Kathy, Hello! How are you? I’m sorry it has been such a while since I have written! It’s a sign of how busy I’ve been! It has been such an amazing time…and I cannot believe it is nearly 1 whole year since we did the process for the first time!

I keep thinking about what the Lightning Process has helped me achieve. I thought I’d give you an update on everything! My weeks are so busy now, but I have never enjoyed myself so much…I do a packed week full of lessons, essays and lots of homework and then every Saturday go up to London (5.30 AM start!!!!!) To trinity to do lovely music! A change that I have found really noticeable is how I have been able to make so many new friends at trinity…the atmosphere there is so friendly and supportive and it really is the highlight of my week! I have never felt so passionate about my cello either…and I just feel like putting all my energies into it…and it is really paying off because I can feel myself improving all the time!

I also feel far happier at school. I think everybody has noticed the difference in my confidence and I feel so much more able to contribute in lessons etc! One teacher stopped me the other week and said to me “You are like a renewed person!” I felt really proud; especially as it was somebody who previously hadn’t really appreciated how difficult the earlier years were with ME (ME is a word I rarely say now!! J I’m sure I have lots of other things to tell you…but there’s a start!! I really hope you are well and smiling! With love, hugs, and best wishes,Polly xxx

Twenty months after the Lightning Process

We are all enjoying the break here…and I got my A-level results on Thursday! I got ABB (A in music and Bs in English Literature and Psychology!) I am very very pleased with them, and can’t believe it is all over now. I had a lovely Birthday and we went out for a family meal in the evening, which was really nice.

I’m off to Belgium tomorrow at about 5am (!!) on an orchestra tour with Trinity! I’m really looking forward to spending a week with such lovely people and playing wonderful music.

Catherine age 48

I probably had ME at the age of 16, whilst taking ‘o’ levels training hard with my own personal coach to be a 400 m hurdler. I came down with a mystery virus which left me with extreme tiredness. I accepted ‘it is just the way I am’ having to be in bed by 9pm not being able to do as much in a day as other people, only driving short distances.

Since experiencing the Lightning Process with Kathy I feel different. I am in control. Life still throws up its challenges but I can identify a potential pitfall, use the process and look forward enjoying a positive life which I love to live. I still go to bed early as I realized I like to get up early, the difference being it is my choice. I enjoy what I am doing as I am less anxious and have let go of guilt.

The Lightning Process training has changed my life and I thank Kathy for her sensitive yet firm teaching. She really is a brilliant teacher and I thank her from the bottom of my heart